This could be one of the reasons for Nagelsmann’s exit from Bayern Munich’s club

Bayern Munich have signed a new manager Thomas Tuchel after sacking Nagelsmann.

According to recent reports from Give Me Sport, Bayern Munich’s forward Sadio Mane reportedly had a heated argument with manager Julian Nagelsmann before his dismissal from the club. The incident is said to have taken place in the dressing room following their bad form in the League.

While the exact details of the altercation are yet to be confirmed, it is believed that Mane was unhappy with Nagelsmann’s tactics and decision-making during the game. The disagreement reportedly escalated into a heated argument, with both parties exchanging words.


The incident came as a shock to many, as Mane had been one of Bayern’s top performers throughout the season. He had scored crucial goals in both the Bundesliga and the Champions League, and was considered a key player in the team’s title defence.

Nagelsmann’s sacking shortly after the incident has raised questions about whether the altercation played a role in the decision. However, Bayern Munich has denied any connection between the two events.