“The club debt is now at $1.6 billion,” says Barcelona President Joan Laporta

Joan Laporta in the press conference said the Barcelona FC is at $1.6 billion debt now. The club is going through a bad situation.

Barcelona has recently lost their gem, Lionel Messi, after being 21 years in the club. Barcelona would have never thought that Lionel Messi would leave the club. But Football Club Barcelona is in a bigger crisis than this. The club’s debt now is at $1.6 billion. Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona has told in the press conference that the club is in huge debt.

To get rid of this debt, Football Club Barcelona also persuaded many players to take their salary in pay-cut. Lionel Messi was one of them. He mutually agreed with the club and with President Joan Laporta to take the salary pay cut. His contract was expired this summer, but before giving him a new contract, the club offered him a new 5 year deal with only a 2-year salary. He agreed with the club and everything seemed good but it was against the law of La Liga. Thus, Messi had no option but to leave. Gerard Pique has also agreed with Barcelona and will take a salary reduction.


“Our salaries represent 103% of the club’s total income. That’s 20% to 25% more than our competitors. We have found ourselves in a difficult situation to renegotiate the players’ contracts,” Laporta said in a news conference.

Joan Laporta blamed the previous President of Barcelona Josep Bartomeu for this situation in the club. However, he said it is a big challenge for them to get rid of their debts but they are going to resolve the situation in the next couple of years. He gave assurance to the fans at this News conference that the club is going to find the solution and overcome this crisis.