"Surprised? Yes, a little bit," Klopp on Firmino's decision to leave the club | Business Upturn

“Surprised? Yes, a little bit,” Klopp on Firmino’s decision to leave the club

Klopp said that the No.9 will remain committed until the end of the season.

As per multiple reports, when asked about Firmino’s future at Friday’s pre-match press conference, Jurgen Klopp admitted he was surprised by Roberto Firmino’s decision to leave Liverpool.

Klopp said, “yes, he told me that. Surprised? Yes, a little bit, but it is an ordinary course of action.


“It could go two ways, and it was one. And I respect that a lot. It’s completely normal in this kind of long relationship that we have, and Bobby has with the club, with most of the players and stuff like this, and with the fans, of course.”

Klopp also said that the No.9 will remain committed until the end of the season.

He said, “his reception against United was exceptional, and he got a great reception. But, in his words, Bobby only said, now I want to end this remarkable story positively. So, that’s all he said. But, as everybody is aware, he is entirely and utterly committed to the project. And that’s all we need to know.

“There’s no time for goodbye or whatever now, and there’s enough time for that later in the season. So whenever Firmino comes back, everybody knows that the song will still be in for a long time in everybody’s ears. No problem. Firmino’s one of these players. Even when he came with an opposition team, people would be delighted to see him.”