Sunil Chhetri equals record of legend Pele with 77 international goals after his 83rd-minute strike against Nepal

Chhetri equalizes Pele’s international goal record (77) and doesn’t seem that he will stop soon.

After Sunil Chhetri’s 77th strike against Nepal at 83rd minute to help them win by 1-0 and equalized his 77th goal with the football great Pele. Even at Chhetri’s advanced age of 37, he is still the main scorer for team India, his goal against Nepal was very crucial because it saved them from elimination.


“I keep getting asked about my consistency, and I wish I had an answer. But the truth is there is no blueprint. It’s more about wanting to turn up every single day and give it my best, which, thankfully I have never fallen short of,” Chhetri told PTI.

The Indian forward has played alongside many Indian greats like Bhaichung Bhutia and Renedy Singh, besides his international success for India, he is also one of the best I-League. He also added, “I have been extremely lucky to have played with some great footballers who do not get enough credit. I have learned something from every single coach I have played for. It’s the coming together of many things, it’s both big and small, I hope to keep doing in the foreseeable future”.

Despite Chhetri’s equalling Pele’s record 77 goals in 123 appearances his hunger to score more doesn’t seem to stop, as of now is the 3rd highest international scorer just behind Messi (79) and Ronaldo (112).