Sheikh Jassim and Manchester United: It’s over

Sheikh Jassim won’t buy Manchester United anymore after their last proposal was rejected by Glazers.

Sheikh Jassim’s bid to acquire the beloved football club has been the subject of much speculation and anticipation among fans worldwide. However, after the latest proposal was rejected by the Glazers, it seems that this is no longer on the cards.

Sheikh Jassim’s offer was nothing short of ambitious. The Qatari billionaire was willing to go the extra mile to secure the future of one of the world’s most iconic football clubs. His proposal included a promise to clear all of Manchester United’s old debt, a move that would have brought substantial financial relief to the club. Additionally, he pledged to invest significantly in upgrading the stadium, ensuring that Old Trafford remained a world-class venue for fans.


What made Sheikh Jassim’s offer even more interesting was that it was a fully cash bid. However, despite its attractiveness, it seems the Glazers, who have long been criticized by fans for their management of the club, did not find the offer to their liking.

The major block in this proposed takeover was the valuation of Manchester United. The Glazers reportedly had a much higher valuation in mind than what Sheikh Jassim was willing to pay.