“Serious one,” Klopp answers regarding Allison’s injury

Jurgen Klopp has said that their goalkeeper Allison injury is not a normal one or easy one instead it is “serious one.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said that their goalkeeper Allison’s injury is not a normal one.  Jurgen Klopp, recently provided an update on goalkeeper Allison’s injury, describing it as not just a normal or easy setback but rather a “serious one.” While the news may cause concern among fans, Klopp assured that the injury is not season-ending, offering a hope for the team.

Allison Becker, a crucial component of Liverpool’s defensive line, sustained the injury during a recent match, prompting immediate speculation about its severity. Klopp’s choice of words, labeling it as “serious,” underscored the significance of the setback.


In a press conference, Klopp elaborated on the nature of Allison’s injury, emphasizing that it requires time for recovery. The manager did not delve into specific details but emphasized the need for patience and careful rehabilitation to ensure Allison returns to the field at his best.