Sergio Busquets calls Lionel Messi back to Camp Nou

Busquets talks about the new system under Xavi along with playing alongside Messi and potential coaching card in his career further down the lane.

In a sit-down interview with Tu diràs, the 33-year-old veteran shared his thoughts on the new Catalunyan system under Xavi. “Xavi has given us confidence, he is the continuation of Luis Enrique and Guardiola”, said the Spanish. He has described the new coach to be one with a great impact both on and off the pitch as with the absence of Messi, the team had almost fallen short of glory until Xavi came and reversed the situation.

Busquets also mentioned the missing of a key player, a player who makes a difference, if the club could allow it financially. The system at Barcelona FC has undergone several changes and the new playing style would definitely suit a stunning striker. However, as for Busquets, his contract expires in 2023 and he is looking forward to playing with Messi and Suarez when their respective contracts expire as well. As the latter struggle to maintain their form with their clubs and a potential transfer is in the talks, “I’d love Leo Messi to come back here at Barcelona – but it’s gonna be hard as he’s under contract with Paris Saint-Germain”, said Busquets as he continues to admire the Argentinian despite the recent discomfort around the club.


The Spanish midfielder has also admitted his interest in coaching once he retires, as he believes his side of the play demands such closure of the game. “I am aware that I can do well. I’ve learned a lot from my coaches and I think my position on the pitch forces me to be a little bit like that”, he told EsportsRAC1 when he was asked about his future beyond the World Cup. He is certain as the squad has seen their abilities shine under the Xavi ball system within a short period