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Russia bid to host Euro 2028 despite international ban

Russia rivals the UK and Ireland in hosting Euros 2028 despite the global condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine and the ban of international football.

Russian international men’s and women’s football teams have been suspended by FIFA from appearing in tournaments representing their country. This has however not held the Russian union committee back in its business of hosting events despite the ban of participation of football teams and other sports along with the condemnation of the ongoing crisis received by the country in light of recent events.

The Euros are scheduled to take place in 2028 and both the United Kingdom and Ireland have submitted their bids for rights in hosting the tournament.


The outcome of the appeal submitted by the Russian Federation of football against the ban is still pending according to BBC Sports but the union committee still holds interest in hosting the event in 2028 or 2032. Turkey has also submitted their bid in hosting the event and it is now down to UEFA to decide the potential host. All the football associations of England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales have a combined interest in the tournament as it can ‘expand sustainability and legacy benefits for communities across the UK and Ireland’, majorly influencing European football. The deadline for expressions of interest is today.