Ronaldo reacts with a fling shut on Pascal Ferre’s comment regarding Ballon d’Or

Cristiano Ronaldo states that the organizer of Ballon d’Or Ferrer lied to him about him being the desire to get retired with more Ballon d’Or than Messi.

A few days back, Pascal Ferrer the editor in chief of France Football made a statement out through New York Times that, the  Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo is hell-bento on retiring with more Ballon d’Or awards than his arch-rival Lionel Messi the icon of Argentine who recently owns the honour of this award. France Football gives out this award Ballon d’Or to honour the best player of the year, every year.  In this statement, Cristiano Ronaldo accused Pascal Ferrer of fabricating the story by using his name to promote both himself and the publication he works for. He then come out of it with a fling shut on Ballon d’Or organizer Pascal Ferre’s comment with a post on his Instagram account on Monday.

“Today’s debacle explains why of Pascal Ferré’s last week comment, stating that when I confided in him that, finish my career with more Ballons d’Or than Lionel Messi, as the only important goal of mine”

He added more by saying that:- “Pascal Ferré being a liar fabricated my name to promote himself and the publication that he works for.” He ended his post by saying that he always compliments whoever wins and his biggest goal in his career is to be a good example for everyone who is or wants to be a professional footballer. “My greatest ambition in my career is to have my name in the history of football written with golden letters.”