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Rennais stun PSG; defeat them by 1-0

Paris Saint-Germain lost a game in Ligue 1 despite having Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar in the squad.


Paris Saint-Germain faced a humiliating loss in the Ligue 1 on Sunday night, 15th January. The game was played against Rennais FC who were playing in their home. PSG are still leading the Ligue 1 table but needs to be focused if they want to lift the trophy this year.

Paris Saint-Germain created so many chances in the game but none of those went into the net or resulted in goal for them. The visitors were finding a bit difficult to score goals as Rennais’ defence line was accurate. The host weren’t giving spaces to PSG. Rennais set a perfect example on how to stop PSG’s attack as both the teams had 8 shots but the visitors could only get on target whereas the host recorded 6.

Paris Saint Germain is now on 47 points and the gap between the first place and second place is just 3 points which has given a bit of confidence to other teams in the Ligue 1.