Real Madrid want to sign Reece James from Chelsea

Real Madrid has kept Reece James as their priority man for the right-back position.

The Spanish giants have identified the young English talent as their priority man, recognizing his potential to bolster their defensive line. However, the pursuit of this acquisition is proving to be a very difficult ome, as Chelsea stands resolute in their intention to retain their rising star.

Reece James, a product of Chelsea’s youth academy, has exhibited remarkable growth and maturity on the pitch, making him one of the most promising right-backs in the game. His ability to combine solid defending with precise and incisive attacking moves has not gone unnoticed, catching the attention of Real Madrid’s decision-makers. The club sees in him the perfect candidate to fill the shoes of a right-back position that has often been a subject of problem in recent seasons.


However, the path to securing James’s signature is not without its challenges. Despite Real Madrid’s clear interest and their idea as one of football’s most prestigious clubs, Chelsea remains steady in their determination to hold onto their young gem. The Blues are keenly aware of James’s potential and have already integrated him into their first-team setup. This affords him valuable experience in top-tier competitions.