Premier League introduces Lifetime ban as an Anti-discriminative measure

20 clubs agreed to the measures taken against discrimination. Any fan breaking the norms or supporting discrimination will be punished accordingly.

New & strict measures are taken by The Premier League to discontinue the neverending discrimination that takes place during matches. It will also lead to permanent bans for the spectators misbehaving and breaking the rules and spirit of the game.

“The Premier League and our clubs condemn all forms of discriminatory and abusive behaviour. The commitment from all clubs to enforce league-wide bans demonstrates there is no place for discrimination. Football is a diverse sport, which brings together communities from all backgrounds. We call on fans to come together with us and our clubs to help tackle discrimination by challenging and reporting abuse wherever they see it,” said chief executive Richard Masters as per Sportstar.


All the 20 clubs agreed to enforce strict punishments that even include a lifetime ban if any spectator is found misbehaving against any club employee, steward, match official or even against any fan attending a game.

Online abuses will also be covered under this and Premier League is still continuing to challenge social media authorities and companies to take preventive measures. These measures were announced after a study of analysis was tweeted that clearly showed the UK was the main origin of racist comments and posts after the Euro 2020 Final which they lost against Italy.