“Players like Virat Kohli are superstars”: Former Australian footballer Tim Cahill

Former Australian footballer Tim Cahill has urged the Indian Super League (ISL) to create Indian superstars within the league and with the national team, citing Indian Team captain Virat Kohli as an example. Cahill also mentioned that this would help football grow more in India because of the fanbase it has.

Cahill said, “Making sure that you keep the fan base is one really, really important thing. You look at cricket, it pretty much inspires the nation by itself. Players like Virat Kohli are superstars and now try and create those superstars within the ISL, within the teams and with the national team to recreate that with football would be the ultimate dream for India.”


The former Jamshedpur FC player also said that due to its accessibility, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be a great experience for Indian football fans.

“I think the greatest thing for India, having World Cup in this part of the world is how close it is. Being able to be so accessible, literally on their doorsteps and to not only watch it on television, but also be able to get on a plane and be in Qatar.”