Piers Morgan says, Cristiano Ronaldo has talked about Lionel Messi in his interview which will make ‘huge headlines’

Ronaldo claimed he felt “betrayed” in the clips that were made public on Sunday night.


According to Piers Morgan, a discussion about Lionel Messi in his explosive interview with Cristiano Ronaldo will lead to “huge headlines.”

With the first of the 90-minute special airing this evening, Ronaldo’s complete and exclusive interview with Morgan will be made available in two parts. Given their long-standing rivalry, fans on social media asked if Ronaldo mentioned Messi during the interview. Morgan has already responded to them by confirming that he did. Ronaldo did mention Messi during their controversial interview, as Morgan confirmed, and the 37-year-old’s statements will make ‘huge headlines,’ according to Morgan.

The full interview will air on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, but clips of Ronaldo’s conversation with Morgan have been appearing on social media all week. Ronaldo claimed he felt “betrayed” in the clips that were made public on Sunday night, accusing Ten Hag and the United executives of attempting to force him out of the club. Before launching an astounding attack on former United manager Ralf Rangnick, Ronaldo said that he has little regard for Dutch managers. During the interview, Ronaldo also criticised his former Manchester United teammates Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville.

As a result, curious supporters have been waiting to hear if the Portugal international mentioned his longtime opponent, Messi. Before describing how viewers can view the first portion of the interview this evening, Morgan has confirmed that Ronaldo did mention Messi. The interview is a segment of Piers Morgan’s named “Piers Morgan Uncensored”, the host’s exclusive Talk TV programme. Sky TV Channel 526 will broadcast the first hour of the 90-minute interview. The interview will also be available on YouTube for viewers.