Philippe Coutinho: Dream Debut

Philippe marks a great debut for Aston Villa, helping them to change a losing game to 1 point Draw.

Philippe created an impact at his Debut, for the Villa. Having enjoyed the great game against Manchester United, Coutinho is excited to be back in the English Football League.

Philippe was brought in at the 68th minute when the hosts were 2 down. Coutinho’s build-up assistance in Ramsey’s goal helped the team to come back in the game. Ramsey’s cross was well received by the debut star, as he converted into the second goal for the team, equalizing the score at 2-2 towards the end of the game.

Coutinho’s first PL appearance in 1477 days, makes the fans go bizarre as the player himself is happy to be back at this competitive league. Philippe’s previous game before today’s debut was – Liverpool vs Leicester City, back in 2017 December.

The Villa Park stands are happy to go back home, with a satisfying draw and a remarkable debut story of the star in making Philippe Coutinho. Aston Villa witness a hero who can finish the job of scoring goals and hopes for a great season with the debut star in form.

Describing his former teammate, Gerrard as his idol, promised to make an impact at the debut game. Gerrard’s bond was one of the reasons Coutinho came into Aston Villa for a loan from Barcelona. The debut star is believed to understand the team’s ambitions and Gerrard’s objective.

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