Pep Guardiola reacts to official investigation on Manchester City situation

Pep Guardiola supports the team and will stay at the club as per his latest comments.

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, has spoken out following the Premier League’s official investigation into the club’s financial conduct. The investigation was launched after allegations of financial wrongdoing were made against the club, and the Premier League is now looking into whether Manchester City broke any rules and regulations regarding financial fair play.

In a statement, Guardiola expressed his confidence in the club’s innocence, saying that “Manchester City has always tried to act in a correct and transparent manner.” He went on to say that the club ” welcomes the opportunity to work with the Premier League to achieve a resolution as soon as possible,” as reported by Fabrizio Romano.


The Spanish manager also emphasized the importance of the investigation for the integrity of the sport, saying that “football is a sport and we have to follow the rules, and if we have broken them, we will be punished.”

Guardiola’s statement is a clear indication of his commitment to the club and his belief in its innocence. It is also a sign of his support for the Premier League’s investigation, which he believes is necessary to ensure that all clubs are operating within the rules and regulations of the sport.

The investigation into Manchester City is ongoing, and the outcome will have significant consequences for the club and its future. However, with Guardiola at the helm, the team remains focused on its goals and is confident that it will be able to overcome any challenges that may arise.