Why Papu Gomez and this French star face ban from football?

Papu Gomez is now officially banned from football for two years for doping.

Two of the prominent football World Cup winners, Papu Gomez and Paul Pogba, have been handed significant bans from the sport due to doping violations. The footballing world was left in disbelief as these two world-class players faced severe consequences for their actions.

Papu Gomez, a respected player and a World Cup winner, has been suspended from football for a period of two years following his failure of a doping test. The news was shocking for the football fans and experts as Gomez had built a reputation as a talented and dynamic midfielder. He also won the FIFA World Cup 2022 with Argentina and their captain Lionel Messi.


However, the case of Paul Pogba, another World Cup winner, has taken an even more serious turn. Pogba has been banned from football for a straight four years for the same doping offense, a punishment that is to be made as fans think so do the managers and experts as this is beyond the individual players or the clubs they represent and the fans who support them.