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Our market is over: Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has indicated that they won’t be buying anymore players this transfer window.

Real Madrid’s esteemed manager, Carlo Ancelotti, has officially announced that the club will not be making any additional player signings during the ongoing transfer window. This resolute statement comes as a shock to both fans and pundits who have been anticipating potential last-minute additions to the squad.

Ancelotti’s declaration, “We will not sign any player. The squad is 100% over. Our market is over,” reflects a clear and deliberate strategy by the Italian tactician. Despite this weird nature of modern football, where transfer dealings often extend to the final moments of the window, Ancelotti’s decisiveness signals his satisfaction with the current composition of the team.


This statement holds considerable weight considering Ancelotti’s reputation as a manager who values balance, and unity within his squads. With a rich history of success at various clubs, Ancelotti’s managerial prowess is underscored by his ability to extract optimal performances from his players rather than solely relying on star acquisitions made this summer transfer window by the club.