Official: Sergio Busquets joins Inter Miami

Barcelona legends Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi will play for Inter Miami next season.

Inter Miami, the Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise, has managed to secure the services of two Barcelona legends, Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi. While Busquets has already made his move official, reuniting the iconic duo on the football field once again with Lionel Messi already joined the side from PSG a few days back. This unexpected development was shocking for the footballing world, as fans anticipate witnessing their magic in an entirely new setting.

After an illustrious career at Barcelona spanning over a decade, midfield maestro Sergio Busquets has decided to embark on a new chapter in his footballing journey with Inter Miami. The spanish defensive midfielder has been an integral part of Barcelona’s success, playing a vital role in their numerous domestic and international triumphs. With his exceptional ball control, precise passing, and ability to shield the defense, Busquets has established himself as one of the best in his position.


The prospect of seeing Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi playing together once again has ignited the imagination of football enthusiasts worldwide. The pair had developed a good understanding during their time at Barcelona, and  demonstrating their chemistry on the pitch. Their reunion at Inter Miami could bring back memories of their glorious partnership and the joy they brought to fans.