Nottingham Forest to submit proposal for Wilfred Ndidi

Nottingham Forest wants championship side Leicester City’s Wilfred Ndidi.

Premier League side Nottingham Forest has reportedly set its sights on securing the services of Wilfred Ndidi from championship side Leicester City. The news has sent excitement through the football community, sparking discussions about the implications of this potential deal.

Wilfred Ndidi, a Nigerian international known for his remarkable ball-winning abilities and defensive prowess, has been a vital in Leicester City’s midfield machinery since his arrival at the club in 2017. His tenacity, ability to intercept opposition play, and distribute the ball effectively have made him a fan favorite and a crucial part of the Leicester squad.


On the other hand, Nottingham Forest, a club with a rich history in English football, has been striving to reestablish itself among the top tiers of the league. The acquisition of Ndidi could potentially provide the much-needed boost to their midfield lineup, adding a layer of solidity and tactical discipline that could aid their ambitions.