Negotiations ongoing between Bayern and Gala for Boey

Bayern and Gala are negotiating a potential deal for Sacha Boey in Istanbul.

Bayern Munich and Galatasaray are currently engaged in negotiations for the talented right-back, Sacha Boey. The talks are centered around a prospective deal that could see the player making a move to Istanbul.

Sacha Boey, a 23-year-old defender, has been on the radar of several top clubs, showcasing his skills with notable performances. Galatasaray, eager to strengthen their squad, has identified Boey as a promising addition to bolster their defensive lineup.


Bayern Munich, known for their shrewd transfer dealings, is in discussions with Galatasaray to finalize the terms of the potential transfer. Boey’s versatility and defensive prowess have not gone unnoticed, making him a desirable prospect for clubs looking to reinforce their backline.