Napoli beat all 19 opponents in the Serie A for the first time in their history

Napoli defeated Inter Milan by 3-1 on Sunday night to win against all the 19 opponents in the league this season.

In a thrilling Sunday night match, Napoli emerged victorious against Inter Milan with a dominating 3-1 scoreline, solidifying their position as the Serie A champions of the 2022/23 season. However, this victory holds even greater significance as it marks a historic milestone for Napoli, as they managed to defeat all 19 opponents in the league this season.

Napoli’s journey to this extraordinary feat has been nothing short of remarkable. Under the guidance of their tactical manager, Luciano Spalletti, the team showcased exceptional skill, determination, and tactical prowess throughout the season. From the opening match until the final whistle, Napoli exhibited an amazing level of consistency and excellence, establishing themselves as the dominant force in Italian football.


The clash against Inter Milan was the proof of Napoli’s play of perfection. As the match progressed, Napoli showcased their attacking prowess, keeping the Inter Milan defense on their toes. With sharp passes, quick runs, and clinical finishing, Napoli’s offensive line have been dangerous for their opponents throughout this season.