Mo Salah’s hat-trick steals it for Liverpool as they defeat 10-men Manchester United by 5-0

Liverpool absolutely destroys ManU scoring 4 goals in the first half and ending with the scoreline 5-0.

Mo Salah and Liverpool just dominated Manchester United in the first half, Man Utd was down by 4 goals in the first half, never in their history, they have ever been down by this much in a half and it is all thanks to their defense, Liverpool got so many open shots and players and they simply and clearly took advantage of it. The first goal came in at 5th minute with Man Utd’s clumsy defense who didn’t get back to defending after a counter and Mo Salah who found cutting Keita to his right who then slides past De Gea to give them the lead. 2nd goal came at the 13th-minute mark with Alexander-Arnold who crosses it into the far corner for an easy goal for Jota. From then it was all about Salah who scored another goal for his 10th consecutive game with one goal coming at 38th minute with Manchester’s lazy defense after a blocked shot of Keita and then no one to close out open Salah who smashes it through De Gea, and 2nd goal coming in at 45+5 minute with another poor defensive discipline displayed by ManU leaving Salah open for his 2nd goal and he will never miss from that close. Ronaldo was very frustrated and it showed who was booked for a yellow card for blatantly kicking a Liverpool player.

2nd half was at least not bad for Manchester United as their defense was far better than the first half and only conceded one goal that also from none other than Mo Salah who completes his hattrick at 50th minute with Salah flippin’ the ball over De Gea. It was a lovely finish, but the pass was just glorious by Henderson. Pogba earned a red card with a horrendous tackle on Keita in the 60th minute. Liverpool in the 2nd half was preservative and kept possession the whole to furthermore demoralize the United.


The defense of Man Utd is just simply horrible and if it continues like this it might end up in the sacking of Ole and the return of Ronaldo might be spoiled as with him comes expectations and this was just embarrassing for every Manchester United fan.