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Milan return to winning ways; beat Torino by 1-0

AC Milan have won a game after losing and drawing some games in Serie A.

AC Milan was up against Torino FC on Friday night, 10th February in the Serie A. It was another thrilling game for Milan but this time they managed to get the win and the much-needed three points. The defending champions are trying hard to be at the top but after losing some of the games, they were left behind.

AC Milan scored a single goal in this game however it was enough for the home side to defeat Torino FC. Torino did try to score or equalise but couldn’t do it umtil the end. First half saw no goals and former Arsenal’s and Chelsea’s striker Olivier Giroud scored the first and the last goal of the game in the 62nd minute.

This winning goal wasn’t confirmed as Torino had a lot of chances to equalise in the end but Milan came on top and got the deserved three points.