Maymol Rocky walked down as a coach for women’s football team of India

Maymol Rocky walked down to her role as a football coach for the Indian women’s team after managing the team for four years.

Maymol Rocky, who has managed the Indian women’s football team as a coach for four years has walked off from her role because of some personal reasons said the All India Football Federation (AIFF) on Tuesday.

Head coach Maymol took possession in the year 2017 following her journey as the assistant coach before she joined to manage the senior team. She directed the squad towards several international achievements and perceived them progressing exceptionally in the last years.


Maymol thanked the federation for their belief in her and her capacities while she spoke to and said: “I sincerely thank the All India Football Federation for believing in me and the team for so many years.

” I am very happy to see the progress we have made in the last few years. The facilities we got were always excellent and the support we got from the federation, Sports Authority of India (SAI), and the Government of Odisha has been the key to our success,” she added. 

AIFF Secretary-General Kushal Das, accepting the decision, thanked Maymol Rocky and spoke about the reason for her stepping down as a head coach after four years and said: “Maymol Rocky has expressed her inability to continue as the Head Coach of the Senior National Women’s Football Team owing to personal reasons.”