Man United make enquiry about Ryan Bertrand

Manchester United have made an enquiry about Ryan Bertrand over a potential signing this summer.

Manchester United has reportedly expressed interest in Ryan Bertrand as a potential summer signing. The club’s pursuit of the seasoned left-back has captured the attention of fans alike. With the transfer window in full swing, this move could signal a significant step for Manchester United in gearing up their defensive options.

Bertrand, a familiar face in the Premier League, has garnered a wealth of experience over the years. Having previously represented Southampton and Chelsea, he brings a well-rounded skill set to the table. His defensive prowess and ability to contribute to attacking plays make him a valuable asset on the field.


The enquiry about Bertrand underscores Manchester United’s intention to reinforce their squad strategically. With an eye on bolstering their defense, the club aims to maintain a delicate balance between youth and experience. Bertrand’s addition could potentially provide the much-needed depth in the left-back position, offering healthy competition for Luke Shaw.