Man City send €50 million bid for this Wolves midfielder

Manchester City wants to sign this Wolves’ midfielder.

Manchester City has set its sights on acquiring the services of Wolves’ talented midfielder, Mathues Nunes. The English football giants have reportedly submitted a bid exceeding €50 million for the Brazilian youngster.

Mathues Nunes’ football, has been making a name for himself at Wolverhampton Wanderers with his impressive performances in the midfield. Known for his dynamic playing style, impeccable ball control, and ability to dictate the tempo of the game, the Portuguese has caught the attention of several top clubs across Europe. Manchester City, renowned for their possession-based football and midfield dominance, seems to view Nunes as a potential asset to further strengthen their already formidable squad.


The reported bid of over €50 million demonstrates Manchester City’s determination to secure Nunes’ signature. While this investment might be seen as bigger for a relatively young player, it underscores the increasing importance of securing top-tier talent in the competitive world of football. The Premier League’s financial conditions allows clubs to make such significant bids, as they aim to gain an edge over their rivals in both domestic and international competitions.