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Lukaku will join Roma from Chelsea on a season-long loan

Roma has reached an agreement with Chelsea over Lukaku deal.

Romelu Lukaku is poised to make a significant move from Chelsea to AS Roma, embarking on a season-long loan that has ignited both excitement and curiosity among football enthusiasts. The Belgian striker’s impending transfer has caught the attention of fans and experts, as he looks to make his mark on Italian football once again.

After Lukaku’s return to Chelsea in the summer of two years back. Expectations were high for the powerhouse forward. However, with a wealth of attacking options at the club, including the likes of Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, Lukaku’s playing time appeared to be less guaranteed. In a strategic move, Chelsea’s decision to send Lukaku on loan to AS Roma presents a fascinating opportunity for both the player and the clubs involved.


AS Roma, currently under new management, has been on the hunt for a marquee striker to bolster their attacking lineup. The addition of Lukaku could serve as a great for their ambitions in the upcoming season. Known for his exceptional goal-scoring and physical presence on the field, Lukaku could prove to be a game-changer for AS Roma, injecting a fresh surge of energy into their offensive strategy.