Luka Modric linked with a move to Inter Miami

Luka Modric has been linked with a shock move to Inter Miami, according to Dubrovnik Times.

Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric has reportedly been linked with a surprising move to Inter Miami. While this news has created quite a chaos among fans, it’s essential to see it whether this has been confirmed yet, as it remains unconfirmed and there is no reliability in this reports.

Reports of Modric’s potential transfer to the Major League Soccer (MLS) club have been circulating, with the Dubrovnik Times being one of the sources generating this speculation. Modric, known for his incredible playmaking abilities and a great career with Real Madrid, is undoubtedly one of the most respected midfielders in the game. A move to Inter Miami would undoubtedly be a game-changer for the club and MLS as a whole.


However, the key point here is “linked with.” In the world of football, rumors are often been made, driven by speculation and the desire for headlines. It’s crucial to remember that until an official announcement is made by the player, his current club, or the club he’s supposedly moving to, such reports should be taken with a less belief.