Luka Modric laughs away claims that Real Madrid have been fortunate this season

Real Madrid host Manchester City in the second leg of the Champions League Semifinals.

Los Blancos claimed their 35th La Liga crown on Saturday, thumping Espanyol 4-0, and the celebrations in Madrid extended far into the dark. Despite being ousted by Manchester City in a seven-goal first-leg classic at the Etihad, they remain optimistic about European victory this season. Real Madrid is seeking a fifth Champions League title ever since 2013/14 year, and they want to go one level closer than the season prior when they were eliminated in the semi-finals by Chelsea. 

This Champions League seems to have been a crazy trip for Real Madrid, featuring comebacks versus Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain in the final phases. There’s no doubting their club’s exceptional talent, but one journalist risked questioning Luke Modric if Real Madrid had gotten fortunate in earlier rounds.


Modric, who is 36 years old, manages to overcome the principles of ageing by throwing in great displays at crucial times in Real Madrid’s season. Nonetheless, that has been reflective of Real Madrid as a club this season, as they have been depended on experienced players to get to this level.

Modric addressed The Mirror in the pre-match press conference well before the second leg of the semi-final versus Manchester City saying those claims of fortune being an influence were absurd, “Let them think what they want. This is an unfair opinion and they only make us laugh, but everyone can say what they want.”

Many onlookers regarded the first leg as an indication that Manchester City was a superior football team to Real Madrid, even though Los Blancos were still more efficient at critical times. They did, nonetheless, make the fault of letting Real Madrid intact, with Modric pledging that his team will not be as reckless on Wednesday.

With a berth in the finale up the stake, neither team can be regarded as favourites. Most observers would think that City has played better football this season, but as Modric points out, Real Madrid boasts the legacy and track record to carry them to victory.