Liverpool overthrows Manchester United to become most popular team in United States

According to a survey by New Morning Liverpool has become the most famous Premier League club in the United States of America.

Nothing has been going well for Manchester United since last season. Now, United have suffered one more defeat, but this time not on the field but in terms of popularity. According to a survey conducted by New Morning, Liverpool has overtaken Manchester United as the most popular premier league team in the United States, as reported by ESPN.

Manchester United had been the most famous English League team in the United States for a long time, but things have changed. Their popularity is declining day by day. On the other hand, Liverpool has performed constantly, and this year they also made it to the finals of the Champions League. However, this will not be the primary concern for Erik Ten Hag as these things keep changing with time and performance; instead, his concern would be the team’s performance. On Sunday, 7 August, Erik, in his first match as Manager for United Erik suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Brighton at Old Trafford.


Moreover, the news of Ronaldo wanting to leave United is also not a good thing for them as Erik is trying to keep Ronaldo, but the former Real Madrid player is in no mood to stay at Old Trafford. Also, against Rayo Vallecano Ronaldo and some other players left the stadium early as they were unhappy with certain things. However, Man United would have to make things right as soon as possible. Otherwise, it wouldn’t take time, and they may lose their popularity in the European subcontinent if they do not put their train on track.