Lionel Messi’s used tissue while bidding farewell to Barcelona is put up for sale at $1 million

The tissue which was used by Messi while he was crying during his Farewell from the club Barcelona is up for sale at $1 million whereas Replicas of that tissue are also being sold in Argentina.

Lionel Messi recently left his part from FC Barcelona and all the football lovers around the world were shocked and his fans were even emotional about his departure. Messi was also emotional for this call and he even cried during his farewell conference and used a tissue to soak them which is now up for sales.

After he departed from the club, the demand for his memorable things and used items of the clubs went high as the fans were eager to purchase them and while all this a use tissue soaked with Messi’s tears reached a famous website Mercado Libre by the name of Used Handkerchief and was up for sale at $1 million as per Misiones Online.


The justification to the price was given by the seller that it contains the genetic material of Lionel Messi and can be used to produce another great Footballer like him. Though the item is currently not available on the website but the image is already viral on social media platforms.

Not only the used tissues but the replicas are also being produced and sold in Argentina. Messi is all set to join PSG and for this matter of fact, fans are standing in line for hours for purchasing PSG jersey no. 30 with Messi written on it. Also, the sale of his old jerseys of the club has sky-rocketed after the scene of leaving the club.