Lionel Messi wishes Luis Suarez luck for Nacional Move

Messi has sent some wishes for the Uruguayan star Luiz Suarez Nacional’s move. The message was presented during Suarez’s unravelling at the Uruguayan club.

Argentine star Lionel Messi has wished good luck to his former teammate Luis Suarez over his move to Nacional. The Argentine, in a video shared by Nacional on Twitter, said, “You know I love you so much; now we are going to follow Nacional because of you. Messi sent this message to his former teammate that was played during Suarez’s Nacional unveiling.”
Messi further added, “I wish you the best. We, fans of Newell’s, don’t have good memories with Nacional. I wish you all the best, and hopefully, we will see each other soon.”


Uruguayan footballer has returned to his home team in club football after spending a 15-year in European football. Nacional was the club from where Suarez started his career. The former Atletico star is considered one of the greatest strikers of this generation. During his reign in LaLiga, He won the Champions Trophy in 2015 with Barcelona. At that time, the trio of MSN(Messi, Suarez, Neymar) was the most dangerous forwards in the world, and still, they are considered the most perilous trio ever played the game. Moreover, some football pundits believe MSN is greater than MNM(Messi, Neymar, Mbappe).

Finally, Suarez has made his decision about his transfer; according to reports, the Uruguayan star wants to end his footballing carer from where he started. He is looking forward to playing in his homeland after many years.