Leeds United to replace Javi Garcia with Sam Allardyce?

Leeds United is considering replacement of manager for the last four matches of the Premier League.

Leeds United is reportedly considering a change in management for the last four matches of the Premier League on the 2022/23 season, with Sam Allardyce being considered as a potential replacement for current manager Javi Garcia.

Despite Garcia’s strong start to the season, the team’s recent form has been less than impressive, with a string of losses causing them to slip down the league table. With just four matches remaining in the season, Leeds United’s owners are said to be considering making a change in order to salvage what’s left of the campaign.


Sam Allardyce, a veteran manager with over two decades of experience in the Premier League, is believed to be the front-runner for the job. Known for his tactical acumen and ability to motivate players, Allardyce has a proven track record of keeping teams in the top-flight, making him an attractive option for a team fighting to avoid relegation.

While some fans may be hesitant to see Garcia go, the decision to bring in a new manager is likely being made with the team’s best interests in mind. With just four matches left to play, every point counts, and a change in management could be the catalyst the team needs to turn their season around and secure their place in the Premier League for another year.