Latest updates on scary head injury for Hungary forward Barnabas Varga

The Euro 2024 match between Scotland and Hungary took a serious turn in the 70th minute when Hungary’s Barnabas Varga suffered a significant injury following an aerial challenge with Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn. The incident occurred during a crucial Group A match where both teams needed a victory to advance to the knockout stage.

As Varga went up for a header in Scotland’s penalty area, Gunn came out to contest the ball, resulting in a collision where Gunn’s ribs appeared to strike the side of Varga’s head with force. Both players went down immediately, but while Gunn showed signs of movement, Varga lay motionless on the pitch, prompting immediate concern from teammates and medical staff.


The gravity of the situation was evident as screens were quickly brought onto the field to shield Varga from view, signaling the severity of the injury. The distressing sight left players from both sides visibly shaken, reflecting the serious nature of the incident during a crucial juncture in the match.

Hungary’s playmaker Dominik Szoboszlai’s reaction further underscored the urgency and concern among the team, as he swiftly brought a stretcher to assist in transporting Varga off the pitch. Emotions ran high, with Szoboszlai visibly emotional and holding back tears as the medical team attended to his teammate.

Ultimately, the seriousness of the injury led broadcasters to halt filming the scene, and when Varga was eventually stretchered off, the focus remained on the respectful applause from both sets of supporters, acknowledging the unfortunate turn of events.

Reflecting on the incident afterwards, Gunn expressed his concern, stating, “It was a bit of a blur. I thought I had to come [challenge for the ball] and thought I had done well. Hopefully, the guy is alright. I can’t even remember too much about that one.”

The aftermath of Varga’s injury serves as a somber reminder of the inherent risks in competitive sports, drawing attention to the importance of player safety and the collective support shown in times of adversity on the pitch.


Barnabas Varga latest updates after injury vs. Scotland

The incident involving Barnabas Varga during the Scotland vs. Hungary Euro 2024 match has left a significant impact, particularly with updates on his condition bringing both relief and concern. Around 11:15 p.m. local time, the Hungary national team posted on X that Varga’s condition was “stable” and confirmed he had been transported to a hospital in Stuttgart. Earlier reports from Nemzeti Sport, citing M4 Sport, indicated that Varga was conscious and communicating as he was taken off the pitch on a stretcher.

The initial uncertainty surrounding Varga’s consciousness had heightened tensions, especially as the television broadcast avoided showing his exit from the field, hinting at potentially serious circumstances. Later updates from the Hungarian federation revealed the extent of his injuries, stating that Varga had suffered “several broken bones in his face” along with a concussion. It was further announced that he would likely undergo surgery during his overnight hospital stay in Stuttgart.

The swift and urgent response to Varga’s injury, including the use of screens to protect his privacy, drew parallels to the harrowing incident involving Christian Eriksen during Euro 2020. Eriksen, representing Denmark, suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch and required immediate resuscitation before being hospitalized. His subsequent recovery and return to football, including a goal-scoring start to Euro 2024, have been a source of inspiration.

These incidents serve as poignant reminders of the inherent risks in competitive sports and highlight the critical role of medical teams and emergency protocols in ensuring athlete safety. As Varga receives medical care and support, the football community remains united in hoping for his swift recovery and return to health.