Latest FIFA Rankings: Brazil & Argentina in top 3 for the first time in 5 years

The latest FIFA World rankings have been released with the World Cup just 5 months away.

The latest FIFA World Rankings are out and Brazil is yet on top of the world. But Argentina has seen a slight increment in their rank making them 3rd overall. They were 4th before but the Copa America triumph has led them to go up in their overall rankings. Since 2016, this is the highest rank Argentina has achieved in the FIFA World Rankings. Moreover, this is the first time the South American powerhouses Brazil and Argentina managed to get into the top three of the rankings in about 5 years.

Belgium remains second on the list as they are still consistent in their performances. England also stands at 5th unchanged in their rankings. But above them are France which has dropped down in their rankings from 3rd to 4th. The 2018 World Cup champions have had a really disappointing run in the recent Nations League campaign.


Spain goes one ranking above to 6th place, forcing Italy to go down 7th. Italy is the only team in the top 10 who will not be participating in the 2022 Qatar World Cup as they failed to qualify. It was a massive disappointment for the 2020 Euro Cup Champions.

Portugal drops down one ranking and currently places itself 9th in the list. Whereas the Netherlands has gained two places and is now sitting at 8th on the list. Denmark is 10th on the list with showing brilliant performances and also qualifying for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. One of the major teams to miss out on the top 10 of the FIFA World rankings is Germany as they are 11th on the list and it is their 4th year missing out on the top 10 of the list.