Kai Havertz in full swing to win as German does not mind paying travel costs | Business Upturn

Kai Havertz in full swing to win as German does not mind paying travel costs

Chelsea faces financial struggles due to the sanctions placed by the UK government but the German footballer is not ready to give up but rather willing to contribute to the team expenses.

The 22-year-old German has stepped up to the occasion of the Blue Club struggles, as it faces one in a 19-year crisis, of not having the financial backing for travelling to and fro matches. Chelsea faces Middlesbrough FC on Saturday and faces not only credit issues but also, ticket sales as they’re unable to sell about 4,2750 tickets for this match.

Kai Havertz has expressed his views on contributing to the Club’s needs concerning match transportation as he says, “there are harder moments in the world than taking the plane or bus to away games,” reported BR Football. He explained that there would be no problem from his side and that he is willing to pay for the matches as it is not a big deal for footballers, specifically the Chelsea squad. The match, however, was requested by the club to the Football Association to be held behind closed doors, as a reason of sporting integrity, as they are unable to sell tickets because of the recently passed amendment regulations despite having the license to do so.


There are growing concerns with the club at the moment as it faces pressure from the government, especially with the owners following the Russian invasion as most Russian businessmen and oligarchs continue to face sanctions in the UK and all around the world. Roman Abramovich has been forced to sell the club in the best interest of the club and the fans as a result of which the club is under a lot of repercussions at the moment.