Juventus defeat Real Madrid 3-1 in club friendlies

Juventus have ended their USA trip with a win over Real Madrid by 3-1.

Juventus wrapped up their successful USA tour on a high note, securing an impressive 3-1 victory over Spanish giants Real Madrid in a thrilling encounter. The Italian club showcased their potential on the international stage, leaving fans in awe with their clinical display of attacking football.

From the onset, Juventus begin their dominance as Moise Kean wasted no time and found the back of the net in the very first minute, giving his team a dream start. The early goal set the tone for an exciting clash between two European powerhouses hungry for pre-season glory.


Real Madrid, renowned for their resilience, refused to back down and found their first goal through Vinicius Junior in the 38th minute, silencing the pro-Juventus crowd momentarily. The Brazilian forward’s goal injected a new sense of energy into the contest as both teams fought very hard for this. Later in the very last minute of the game, Vlahovic scored for Juventus and made it 3-1 for them.