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Juventus beat Salernitana to move up to 10th place

Juventus FC defeated Salernitana in the Serie A on Tuesday night.


Juventus played a mid-week game in the Serie A as there are multiple games coming on not only in one league but other leagues as well, so to cope up with that, Serie A decided to keep some fixtures in mid-week as well. Juventus had a game against Salernitana on Tuesday night, 8th February at Stadio Arechi (Salernitana’s home stadium).

Juventus FC defeated the home side by 3-0 and it was a total dominating performance from the champion side. This time, the Champions League spot for the Massimiliano Allegri’s men are looking impossible as they faced a deduction of 15 points in the mid-season due to breaching some rules of Serie A.

Juventus FC scored their first goal in the 26th minute which was converted from the spot by Vlahovic. Another goal was scored in the first half as midfielder Kostic scored an amazing goal to double the lead of Juventus.

Just after the second half’s whistle, Juventus made an attack and got their third goal of the game. It was again their in-form striker Vlahovic who completed his brace and helped the Turin side to acquire three points from the game.