“It’s not the right time for him to leave Barca” Dani Alves on Messi leaving Barcelona

Dani Alves, the former Barcelona right-back has expressed his view after Messi left his boyhood club Barcelona. He says it’s not the right time for him to leave Barca.

Messi has left Barcelona after 18years, this news has shocked a huge number of football fans. The Brazilian right-back wasn’t happy after hearing this news.

Messi and Dani have played along for many years and they also won so many trophies for the Football Club Barcelona. In 2016, Dani Alves decided to leave Barca and join the Serie A side, Juventus. He played one whole season for Juventus and also won the league with them. He then left for PSG for two campaigns.


Dani still cares about Barca and he thinks it is not the right time for Messi to leave the Camp Nou (Barcelona home ground). He thinks that Barcelona will not play in the same style as they use to play when Messi was there. They (Barcelona) will have certain complications, as per Alves.

Dani is also worried about the next captain of Barca after Messi. Alves apologizes to hear the news. He said in an interview with Diario Sport, “I am very sorry for Messi and Barca. Now is not a good time for either side. I think Barca will not be the same because Barca with Messi is one thing, and Barca without Messi is another.”

In his amazing career, Dani Alves played for Sevilla, Barcelona, Juventus and then the Ligue 1 side, Paris Saint-German. But, he got huge fame in Barcelona. He joined the la Liga club in 2008, after spending eight years at the club, he won 6 La Liga titles, 3 Champions Leagues and 3 Club World Cups before joining Juventus.