Indian Women’s National team fights bravely but loses 3-0 against Chile

Indian Women’s National team played bravely against Chile in their women’s football tournament conducted in Manaus, Brazil but unfortunately could not make to come out on top, lost by 3-0.

Today was the second face-off from India’s Brazil tour as the Indian Women’s National Team clashed against Chile in the Women’s football tournament held in Arena De Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil. That was a huge match, both the teams were close to each other in their rankings. Chile maintained good possession over the ball from the initial of the match. Team India run for two quick counterattacks on Chile in the Benning and even got a good opportunity to score through the corner. Chile took the opening stage under their control with their good and accurate in between passes though they didn’t get a clear-cut chance on goal because of the smart and compact defending by team India (5 men in defending line, when the opponent drops down on attacking). As the game reach the 14th minute Urrutia Maria shot a goal at India with team passing, this is how the first half ended, India trailed Chile by 1-0.

The second half began with the 3 substitutions made by India, Pyari Xaxa with Dangmei Grace, Loitongbam on behalf of Ashalata dev and the final one was Soumya Guguloth in the sacrifice of Thokchom Martina. And that fresh leg inside the field become changes to the game a lot as team India showed up better in the 2nd half. Manish made an effective contribution, as team India charges a few attacks on the opponent which made the game little heat up. Chile scored the last two winning goals, one in the 84th minute by Hernandez Isidora and another on the 85th minute by Araya Karen. And the final score stands at India’s loss by 3-0 to Chile.