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Indian Super League announce their inclusion on the upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22

The Hero Indian Super League will be featured in the upcoming EA Sports videos game, FIFA 22 later this September


The biggest football-based video game, EA Sports FIFA will feature the Hero Indian Super League in its upcoming release of FIFA 22 later this September. 


The latest edition of the sports video game will be adding all eleven clubs that are participating in the ISL (2021-22) along with the kits and associated marks. After ISL’s successful run on the FIFA Mobile app in 2019, EA Sports now look to introduce it to FIFA 22 that can be playable on the console versions in an initiative to carry forward as a part of Football Sports Development Limited’s license with the mega huge EA Sports.


The importance of this development falls to be very highly relevant to the current gaming communities and fans who will now be able to take the action onto the virtual pitch on their screens and experience the newly announced first division of Indian football in the country. The ISL has taken off much higher and faster than many expected since its initiation just 7 years back on the 21st of October 2013. 


“We are excited and proud to see India’s premier football league, Indian Super League is set to debut in FIFA 22,” said the ISL spokesperson as reported by the Indian Super League. “The FIFA gaming platform opens a unique world of opportunity for a young league like ISL and its 11 clubs to cater to the fast-growing fan base globally,” he added