I go for a ball like it’s a plate of dinner: Casemiro

Casemiro has won his first major trophy for Manchester United on Sunday.

Casemiro, the Brazilian midfielder who plays for Manchester United, has expressed his love for the game of football in a unique way after winning the Carabao Cup on Sunday. According to him, he goes for the ball like it’s a plate of dinner.

Casemiro’s statement shows his passion for the sport and his hunger to win. It also highlights the importance of the ball in football, which is the centerpiece of the game. Without the ball, there is no game, and it is the players’ job to ensure that they control it, pass it, and ultimately score with it.


The comparison to a plate of dinner is an interesting one, as it suggests that Casemiro sees the ball as something that he needs to consume to satisfy his appetite for victory. This hunger is what drives him to give his all on the pitch, and it is a quality that is highly valued by football fans and coaches alike.

Winning the Carabao Cup is a significant achievement for Casemiro and his team. It is a major trophy in English football and shows that Manchester United are a team to be reckoned with. Casemiro’s hunger for the ball and his desire to win played a crucial role in their success, and he will no doubt continue to play a pivotal role in their future campaigns.