I gave up huge amount of money for Barca: Joao Felix

Felix is happy that he chose Barcelona over any other team this summer.

Joao Felix’s recent statement has captured the happiness over financial things. The young Portuguese sensation, who made a high-profile move from Atlético Madrid to Barcelona, revealed that he willingly sacrificed a huge sum of money to join the Catalan giants in search of joy and fulfillment.

“I gave up a huge amount of money for Barca…but I needed to feel happy,” Felix  expressed to MD, a statement that was deeply with fans and fellow athletes. This bold decision of prioritizing personal happiness over financial rewards is a great thing from the norm in modern football.


Felix’s journey towards happiness didn’t start with Barcelona. He had previously tried into the Premier League with Chelsea, but the spell in England didn’t quite align with his aspirations. The move to Stamford Bridge, though ambitious, didn’t provide the satisfaction he wished for. To find the right team, Felix’ transition to Barcelona showed his commitment to chasing his footballing dreams and not money.