“I don’t know why people want to create problems,” says Antonio Conte

Tottenham Coach sets rumours straight regarding the differences in vision between the club and the management

With the recent exit of the Spurs star, Dele Ali and three other important players in January, there has been a significant decline in the winning streak of the Spurs and Antonio Conte, the Spurs Coach was in vigour to address the immediate results of the club transfers.

He said the team has weakened in strength with respect to the recent signings and transfers. He also mentioned the vision of the club is that of signing fast-paced young players and not those of experience. Antonio is not happy with the differences on paper but understands it is not based on what he wants but what the club wants. as of now, most transactions have been in the interest of the club and with the next spar against City, Antonio doesn’t seem confident with the now-built squad.

Despite the differences between the vision of the management and the performances of the Spurs, there is a significant tension between the media and the coach where his comments were taken out of context and have led to rumours inclined towards his departure. His comments regarding the transfer signings in the month of January has been dealt with tough emotions as Tottenham fans are eager to watch their promised stars take over the English league.

Despite the dissatisfactory transfer window and losses back to back, Antonio is keen on the target set by the club to pull out better performances from the young players signed and develop them into the vision that Tottenham has set forth.

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