I am not worried about the current situation: Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino has said that he isn’t worried about the Chelsea’s situation.

After Chelsea’s 0-0 draw against Bournemouth in the Premier League, their new manager, Mauricio Pochettino, delivered a message to the fans. Pochettino, known for his cool and composed nature, addressed the concerns of Chelsea supports who are disappointed with the club’s recent performances.

“The fans are disappointed because of the situation, but now I am not worried about that,” Pochettino stated after the match. These words reflect Pochettino’s confidence in his abilities and his steadfast approach to the challenging early stages of his tenure with the Blues.


Chelsea’s Premier League campaign in 2023 has certainly been far from ideal, with only one victory secured in five games in this year’s Premier League. This performance has been disappointing among fans and experts, given the high expectations that come with Chelsea’s rich footballing history. However, Pochettino remains undeterred by this early setback, displaying a determined front to the media.