Heung-Min Son opens up after Antonio Conte’s exit from the club

Antonio Conte has been sacked and Tottenham Hotspur are searching new manager currently.

Heung-Min Son, the South Korean forward for Tottenham Hotspur, recently spoke out about the departure of Antonio Conte, the club’s former manager. Son expressed his disappointment in the Italian’s exit, but also acknowledged his own role in the decision.

In an interview after reported by Sky Sports, he said, “I should have played better. I feel responsible for his departure because I haven’t helped the club all that much.”


Son went on to reflect on his own performance, thinking he could have played better and showed more character while playing under one of the best managers of the world, Antonio Conte.

Son’s comments show his humility and accountability as a player. Despite being one of Tottenham’s star players, he is willing to admit his faults and take ownership for his mistakes. He understands that every member of the team, from the manager to the players, plays a role in the success or failure of the club.