He didn’t criticize me: Antonio Conte on Richarlison’s latest comments

Antonio Conte felt Richarlison didn’t criticize him or the club.

Antonio Conte, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has responded to comments made by Brazilian forward Richarlison about the coach and the club. Richarlison recently made a statement in an interview after Spurs’ exit from Champions League (2022/23 season) describing the current season as “sh**” and hinting at his frustration with the club’s direction.

However, Conte has brushed off any suggestions that the comments were directed towards him or his coaching methods. Speaking in a press conference, he stated that he didn’t believe Richarlison had criticized him directly and that the player was entitled to his opinion about the season.


Conte went on to stress the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and focus within the Tottenham squad, despite any outside distractions or negativity. He emphasized that the team was working hard to improve their performances and results on the pitch, and that they would continue to do so regardless of any external factors.

This response from Conte is a sign of his experience and professionalism as a manager, as he has not allowed any potential criticism to affect him or his team’s morale. Instead, he has focused on the task at hand and remained focused on achieving success with Tottenham.