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Harry Maguire misses out on the trip to Munich due to injury

Harry Maguire won’t be available for the UCL game against Bayern Munich due to injury and have not travelled to Bayern for the game.

Former MUFC captain Harry Maguire will be out in the crucial UEFA Champions League clash against Bayern Munich due to an unknown injury. The towering English defender, who plays a crucial role in the Red Devils’ defence, has been sidelined due to injury and did not make the trip to the Allianz Arena for their first UCL game of the season.

Maguire’s absence is a significant setback for Manchester United, especially in a huge fixture like this. The UEFA Champions League represents the top of European club football, and a strong start in the tournament is vital for the club’s aspirations.


Maguire, known for his commanding presence in the backline and ability to read the game, provides leadership and stability to the Manchester United defence, but right now he is not in his brightest of his form. His absence not only leaves a place in the defence but also impacts the team’s overall and defensive organization.