Global transfer of football witnessed a decrease in spending, while increase in number of transfers

The global transfer in football witnesses yet another year of decrease in spending, while the number of transfers getting increased.


The cumulative amount spent on players as transfer in international football overall is witnessing yet another decrease. The amount spent cumulatively is less for the second consecutive year, being the lowest for five years.

The international transfer in football has been hit by the situation of COVID-19, as the pandemic not only brings the risk of play, but also involves numerous cases among the player. The sport being really physical and a game of close contact, is always in the risk of stopping the play. As the pandemic for COVID-19 doesn’t seem to improve and new variants are making it more difficult to every individual, it is obvious that international transfer market would be struck by this major issue too.

This year’s transfer spending hits the record of the lowest in last five years.

Previous year’s total spending amount was somewhat close to $4.86 billion (USD), while 2020 spending were a total of $5.63 billion (USD). 2019, the year when COVID-19 was firstly heard about, witnessed a downfall across the globe. 2019 spending in transfer market was $7.35 billion (USD).

Surprisingly the football transfer market witnessed more players in transfers, compared to the previous year. 2020 transfer spending ended with 17,190 transfers while 2021 witnessed 18,068. Clubs are believed to be hiring ‘out-of-contract’ players more preferably as compared to a ‘under-contract’ player.

English clubs were the highest spending clubs in the international transfer, spending a total of $1.386 billion. Top 10 transfers created 15% of the total spending in transfer fees. Seven of the Top 10 transfers are of English Clubs. Romelu Lukaku signed for English Club Chelsea, getting transferred from Inter Milan with a fees of 97.5 million pounds, which is said to be the top deal of previous year, as it sets the club-record of high fees – $133.88 million (USD).

While talking about the international football of men, women football seems to get increased in transfers with an increase rate of 72.8% as compared to the year 2020. The total amount spent last year was $2.1 million while 2020 witnessed a total of $1.2 million.